Re: Aquapower 72h by Biotherm Homme

Name: Re: Aquapower 72h.

Category: Moisturizer.

Target: Dry skin face.

How: 1.After cleansing, apply one small dose onto fingertips.

         2.Using both hands smooth over face starting from centre (nose), and finishing by the neck.

         3.Let it get absorb by skin.

When: Daily in the morning.

Recommended for: Dry, sensitive and normal skin over 25 years old.

Pros: Gel-cream. Fresh. Ultra-light aquatic texture. Hydrating. Ends dryness. Extended effect.

My favorite because… Water and its aquatic active ingredients are the main line of development in each product of Biotherm. In this gel-cream the key aquatic ingredient its the P. Antarctica, a micro-organism that retains water, using this in Aquapower 72h helps skin to maintain its natural water supplies. Also thanks to its marine properties the gel-cream provides an immediate fresh skin effect and neutralize skin.

Price: $39 (50 ml)

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