Gentle Cleansing Lotus Mousse by Kenzo

Name: Gentle Cleansing Lotus Mousse by Kenzo.

Category: Cleansing Mousse.

Target: Skin face impurities.

How: 1.Shake well, press down and dispense a dab on your palm.

         2.Immediately apply to your face and neck and massage.

         3. During massaging mousse will be absorbed by skin, rinse off excess.

         4. After this continue with your grooming routine (serum and moisturizer)

When: Daily morning or night.

Recommended for: Dry skin over 25 years old.

Main ingredients: White Lotus and Camelina Oil.

Pros: Relaxing aroma. Makes skin soft. Clean. Gentle Care.

My favorite because…Following the principles of skin wellness and Spa techniques Kenzo created Kenzoki. This Lotus Mousse it is a great cleansing product, thanks to its botanical active plant (white lotus) and its relaxing aroma creates a whole different experience of grooming.

Price: $68 (30 ml)

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