Dercos Aminexil Pro Men by Vichy

Name: Dercos Aminexil Pro Men.

Category: Treatment.

Target: Hair loss.

How: 1.Apply 1 dose vertically on every section of damp hair.

          2.Massage into scalp.

          3. Leave in without rinsing.

When: 3 doses per week for 6 weeks on damp hair after shower. Stop using it for one month and then start using again.

Recommended: When you start seeing notable amounts of hair loss on pillow, combs or shower, regardless age and scalp type.

Pros: Stimulating formula. Encouraging the growth of stronger, thicker and healthier hair. Non-greasy. All hair types.

My favorite because… It is an efficient treatment that stimulates hair growth from inside to the outside, thanks to blood microcirculation which full with nutrients the scalp’s bulb. Also during the day leaves hair with an incredible shine.

Price: $$

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